Hey, I’m Mayur! In love with exploring the world, meeting new people, and busy capturing as how i see the world. Doing something innovative and creative, made me take a chance on changing my career from engineering to digital marketing and somehow it is working out. Dream is to earn , travel to every possible place around the world and taste the best food.

I hope my blog gives you some inspiration to go and chase your own adventures. Travel is the best kind of education so go get lost, even if it’s just outside your own doorstep!


North is a wonderful and beautiful assembly of Indian nature and culture. Mountains, rivers, lakes mesmerize your senses. Every time you visit this part of India you go back home with new and fresh memory. The culture and food makes you fall in love with our country over and over again.

I had this amazing journey visiting three of the North Indian regions. Amritsar, Dalhousie and Dharamshala all the way from Mumbai. And travelling through Indian railways is an adventure within. Watch out the video to have some freshening experience.



The biggest challenge in a persons life is to survive. Only those who put their 100% effort and strive hard manage to survive in this world. Mumbai is such place where the dreams of every person come true.

Camping Out

It was cold december, weekend was near. And it is the human tendency to chill on weekends. So i decided with a bunch of friends, to go on a trek and set a camp overnight.


Such is a place Punjab,India; joyful and colourful. Travelling to different states of India makes you realize that how vast and secular country we live in. Every state exhibit different colours and culture.